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Welcome to my blog


Here you will find answers to some of most frequestly asked questions, videos & info related to Zip-Lining & Slacklining, news on what's happening in Zip-Lines Ireland & comments from our customers and the team at Zip-Lines Ireland. If you would like to know anything that is not covered here, please do feel free to ask & I'll do my best to help!

April '17

By jadegoodfellow, Apr 20 2017 09:19AM

Happy Spring!!

April has been a crazy busy month for us in terms of events, awards and getting prepared for the season ahead, but it has surely catapulted us into the season with energy and optimism.

We were finalists in numerous awards and came out with the Award for "Most Creative Website" at the Micro Business Awards in Dungarvan. We were also nominated for and were finalist in the TOYP Awards in Galway.

It is so wonderful as a micro business to be recognised in these awards, as at times it can feel a little isolating being an entrepreneur, so getting together with other like minded people to celebrate our hard work and achievements gives a fantastic boost to morale and keeps us striving to do our best.

The win also gave us great exposure with PR in local papers and radio stations, which is a great way of letting people know what we do and adding credibility to the business and brand.

In addition, we have been using the build up to Spring/ Summer to do some fundraising as we like to do throughout the year. Our target is to raise €1000 through the sale of raffle tickets with the prize being out 30m Garden Zip-Line and Brake worth over €300! We are VERY close to the target with just a couple of tickets left, so please feel free to grab one or two in the SHOP section while you can, and help us meet our target :)

Last year we used a portion of the profits for the year to purchase and donate Christmas presents to a childrens charity here in Galway, as a way of giving back and Paying It Forward. Each year we will do what we can to help make life easier for others through various events and fundraisers and welcome your suggestions. It is important as a business that we do what's in our power to increase the quality of life for those around us, it is also important as individuals to so the same, We encourage random acts of kindness. One small good deed could change another persons day/ week/ month, so don't hold back on doing good and being kind, it doesn't have to cost a cent <3

Have a lovely Week :)

Jade x

Jun 14 2017 07:12AM by Joshua Baruch

Good work done! It actually does not cost much to make some one happy. We can definitely make someone's life beautiful with very little effort. Amazing idea of fundraising along with having fun with the ziplining tours.

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