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Here you will find answers to some of most frequestly asked questions, videos & info related to Zip-Lining & Slacklining, news on what's happening in Zip-Lines Ireland & comments from our customers and the team at Zip-Lines Ireland. If you would like to know anything that is not covered here, please do feel free to ask & I'll do my best to help!

What height should I put my Zip-line at? Do I need a slope?

By jadegoodfellow, Mar 21 2015 03:25PM

Assuming a level course, let’s start at the end… The Finish Point (FP) should be at least 2ft(.61m)

higher than the tallest rider. Let’s assume our rider is 5ft(1.52m), so the FP should be 7ft(2.13m)

off of the ground. The Start Point (SP) height needs to be higher of course to create a safe Drop. A

slope of 3-6% is recommended.

Full info is included in the Instructions that come with your zipline, you can also check these out on our Instructions page.

Feb 25 2016 08:52PM by kim

Hi I am looking into getting a zip line for my sons birthday i have trees but i would rather not use them. Do you assemble these? Do they take much to move as we are inrented accommodation until we can afford to buy. Could you price me a quote for all.

Feb 27 2016 10:41AM by jadegoodfellow

Hi Kim,

Trees are definitely the best option and require the least installation time, with trees you can have your line up and running in just 30 mins, there are tree protectors you can purchase to help keep the trees in good condition and stop abrassion. We currently don't provide installation but can recommend some companies that do, please email us on if you would like contact details for these. The kits would be purchased directly from us and the installation would be charged by the other company. Our kits cost between €170 & €290.
If you were to install your own structures instead of using the trees it would require digging holes and cementing structures into the ground so it would not be easy to move these to a new location at a later stage.

Oct 6 2017 12:25PM by mary mcdonagh

can you please send me installer's info please?

Oct 6 2017 12:38PM by jadegoodfellow

Hi Mary, you can give us a call on 083 8161360 and we'll talk you through the options.

May 16 2019 12:35PM by Andrew MacArthur

Hi, as you seem to know a lot about ziplines, I have a question for you.
Dalian in Liaoning, China, has a very high launch platform but I cannot find its' height.
I went down it in 2010 (I have the photo as evidence, including the launch tower in the background) and guess maybe 150' at launch.
Can you help me please????
Many thanks, Andrew

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