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Deluxe Tree Protector


Protect trees from wear and tear caused by Slacklines/ Ninjalines or Zip-Lines

These tree protectors protect the growth zone (cambium) of the tree very effectively from the use of ziplines, ninjalines and slacklines..

This Tree Protector-Kit contains:

2x Tree Protector
Velcro® fastener (black), adjustable

Made from a durable fabric and secures with velcro.

Why should I protect the trees?

Tree protection makes slacklining sustainable. Most importantly - it keeps the tree alive, and by looking after the trees, slackliners will continue to have access to parks across Europe and beyond.

Between the months of January and May, a higher volume of water is transported through capillary tubes (directly under the bark) to the roots of all branches. The high tension of your slackline can interrupt this vital flow of water within the tree. This frictional force, generated on the trunk of the tree (especially on trees with an even bark surface) can cause damage!

The tree protector is able to conserve trees, by balancing out tension and working as a buffer against the build up of friction.


How do I protect the trees?

First of all consider ONLY trees over 30 cm in diameter for holding your slackline. Please make sure that the tree trunk is healthy. Never use rotten tree trunks. The longer your slackline, the higher the tension, so it is more important to select the right anchor point. Choose different trees from time to time, if you can.

Please use the following items to distribute the pressure:

• professional tree protector
• door mat
• car mat
• camping mat
• thick cardboard
• wooden strips for weight distribution
• piece of carpet

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery

Always take advice from professionals when installing a zipline for domestic or commercial use to ensure the safety of all participants.