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Promoting Physical & Mental Health in Children

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Ninjaline Ninja Rope


Hang from Ninjaline, swing set or tree branch

Safety carabineer at top and bottom

Use 4 sturdy climbing discs with hands and feet

8' high performance polyethylene rope

Compatible with 36' Intro or Pro or 56' Ninjaline

Maximum weight 250 lbs

Climbing rope has never been more fun and easy with the Ninjaline Climbing Rope. A great introduction to our Ninjaline (sold separately), the climbing rope will help kids stand, sit or swing onto the line with ease. With 8' of high performance polyethylene rope and 4 sturdy plastic climbing discs and a safety carabineer at top and bottom, you can take climbing to a whole new level! Can be used vertically or as a horizontal obstacle. Simply attach each end of the rope to a pocket and hang or crawl across.